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Abby Woodman is an experienced, hands-on designer, focused on process—from design through construction to project completion. She got her Masters in Interior Architecture + Design from Drexel University where she learned the technical facets of design and began applying them in real-world situations. In order to learn more about cabinetry design, Abby worked in the field installing cabinets for residential and commercial projects and developed a new perspective: Cabinetry is not merely functional, it improves the overall aesthetics when it is designed for the installation. Abby’s understanding of the interplay between function and aesthetics informs her work with all trades. From plumbers to electricians to finish carpenters to painters, it is imperative that the designer recognizes the limitations, techniques, and applications of each trade.  

As a full-service interior design company, Woodman Design can service small-scale projects or full-gut renovations. Interior spaces are made up of textures, light and shadow, soft and hard materials, focal points, and supporting elements. When these components aren't working together, an underlying dissonance exists. Abby's design approach focuses on problem solving. Oftentimes the smallest change greatly impacts a space, other times a complete overhaul is necessary. The goal is to create a functional space that feels right and resonates with the client. The scope of a project is driven by client needs and wants. Abby respects all budgets and works to meet client goals within the established parameters.  

Abby's goal is to create beautiful and functional spaces while advocating for her clients. Her intimate knowledge of construction and the many processes and phases involved makes her an ideal mediator between contractor and homeowner, ensuring that all involved have a smooth and successful construction experience. She informs her clients every step of the way, communicates the goals of the project to the contractor, and produces technical drawings for each trade to complete its piece of the project. Her process is designed to produce clients who are thrilled with the finished product.  

In her spare time, Abby enjoys tackling her own DIY projects, cooking and baking, snuggling with family and friends' dogs, and going to group boxing classes.